…and I am on this journey, called life, together with you.

Jim Rohn was always known to encourage people to have a life philosophy. There are many ways to approach the central question of life. Most of us, have thought of this one time or another.

Fortunately, I had no choice but to understand earlier on in life that Happiness is a priority if I needed to fulfil my life purpose here on earth because my early life experiences included rape at the age of 7. When this happens to anyone especially to a child believe me one has to have good angels by ones side to see this World as a secure, gentle and loving place. And that is how I see the World today.

We may have very different approaches….

The main idea here is to start a process… to think things through, if not for the first time, then again.

The concepts and principles we live by determine our daily actions…. And from time to time, it is important to review these principles.

I live in Luxembourg. I am a truth seeker, student for life and I believe in sharing knowledge.

I have studied Coaching Psychology, Kinesiology, Numerology, Color therapy and Chi Mitysai.

I have enjoyed10 years Life coaching experience in helping others and myself to live with the 7 Happiness habits. These Happiness habits transforms the way we see and feel about our World for a better perspective.

As aHealing Practitioner in Energetic Kinesiology, I have helped my clients, and myself, to go beyond the mind into the subconsciousness and after lives etc to see why, what and how to best manage our life challenges.

I am a Numerologist, when the entire universe is explained by numbers, then is not unreasonable to use those very same numbers to help us discover what is our life purpose here on earth. It has been very useful to help people stop the aimless search for their life purpose.

After many years as a Life coach which is a talking therapy really, I discovered that in order for us to change we need more than talking to transform our life challenges into joy. There has to be a mind, body and spirit connection. This is my philosophy and this is what I passionately desire to share with you. There is a better way to feeling joy for no reason at all.